Wednesday, December 5, 2012

YouTube Presentation

Frisbee Launcher Presentation

The team with the Frisbee launcher:

Finishing the design and testing

After making sure that there were no other problems with our prototype we proceeded with completing the  frame. Our idea to make it mobile is to build some kind of a frame like a wheelbarrow. We used an old bike frame and we decided to have at at 4 feet high.

Launching the completed design at 4 feet high:

Building the final Prototype

We were not successful with repairing the fan motor; therefore we decided to replace the fan motor with an 11 inch diameter wheel and a motor with a higher RPM rate. We also chose to use metal instead of wood for the Frisbee arch because it is smoother and will create less friction.

Here is a video of our first successful launch: 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Progress report

We had several prototypes designs, our initial designs were very complex but our final design is more simplistic and practical. We mounted our fan motor on a plywood platform and build an arc around it and supported it with blocks. 

Side view

A problem that we noticed is that the motor/ fan was not spinning fast enough to launch the disk in the air. We also realized that the wires connecting the motor with the speed controller was broken and we are currently attempting to fix it or find an alternative motor. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our Design

After our recent group meeting, we decided to replace the bike wheel with a fan's motor. Therefore the fan will act as the rotating mechanism of our machine, we removed the blades and smoothed out the edges. The fan's motor came with a variable switch, in which we can use to control how fast the fan is spinning. Regarding the other aspects and the frame work of our design, we are still coming up with ideas; for light we are thinking of attaching decorative bright colored lights around the frame or on the frisbee disk.
Fan's motor with a speed control switch

Friday, September 28, 2012

Brain storming

Our team includes,

  • Allison Jenks
  • Daniel Moeller 
  • Maram Salameh

We came up with a lot of interesting idea, but we had to stick with our best one. A machine that will be throwing/ launching a frisbee disk using a rotating bike wheel. We are thinking of attaching a motor/ drill to the wheel to make it rotate then we will be adding a frame around it that will act as the frisbee's path before being thrown in the air.